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Read below for instructions and information on enrollment steps and processes.
Call us at 254-939-5759 or email admin@beltonyouth.com if you have questions prior to enrolling.
If you submit an enrollment form, then we assume that is for registration and not requesting more info.

Important Information

Our return to Brightwheel

We have listened to much of your feedback regarding the ProCare app that we attempted to use during Summer 2024. Those frustrations that were voiced along with the issues we were having on our end have led us to migrate back to Brightwheel. We will continue to use ProCare through summer 2024, but payments and enrollment for 2024-2025 afterschool and beyond will be strictly through Brightwheel.

Why are all these forms required?

Our state child care license requires that we collect specific information relating to the children and the families we serve. DFHS governs all the info that we must collect and therefore all the extra information.

Our meal program, CACFP, also requires us to submit the 2 documents for everyone that we feed during our afterschool meal program. This allows us to collect a reimbursement to cover part of the cost of the meals. We do this so we can provide any child a meal before they head home in case they may not be getting meals there. It also allows us to provide this valuable service while keeping tuition fees as low as possible.


Summer 2024 Enrollment

Summer 2024 Registration and Waitlist has been closed. We have a waitlist of families already. Any other questions about availability can be directed to the office at 254-939-5759.



2024-2025 Afterschool and School Holiday Registration

Please refer to all of the information on our After-School page for the basic info and pricing. Read the following steps to complete the registration process.

If you have a Brightwheel account:

  1. Log into your account (desktop works best) and click the “Paperwork” section from the left hand menu
  2. Fill out any of the “New” paperwork requests labeled “1- thru 8-” (these were sent out on Friday evening 6-14-24)
  3. Refer to the instructions in step 3 below pertaining to each labeled paperwork request.
  4. If you don’t see any paperwork requests with the labels described above, and/or have a new/additional student. Please follow the steps below

If you don’t have a Brightwheel account, or have a new student:

  1. Follow this link to fill our the initial “1-Basic Information for 24-25 Afterschool”
    • This is where you will setup your Brightwheel login and fill in information about each child and each parent/approved pickup.
    • Make sure to follow the instruction for section 5 asking you to answer “Yes” for only one of the 3 questions
  2. Once we receive this form, we will review for complete information we will send you the rest of the paperwork requests labeled ” thru 8-“. This process could take about 7-10 days depending on the number of applicants at any given time.
  3. Once you receive the notification that we have sent the rest of the paperwork, login to your Brightwheel account and complete the paperwork located in the “Paperwork” section in the left hand menu. Here are some pertinent details for the paperwork that is coming to you:
    • 2-Child Needs Assessment: These are all specific questions that the State of Texas requires us to keep on file for each and every student enrolled. Please answer completely.
    • 3-Photo Release Form
    • 4-Parent Handbook Agreement: This lets us know you have been presented a copy of the handbook.
    • 5-Afterschool Payment Agreement: Lets us know you understand what the monthly charges and registration fee will be.
    • 6-CACFP Enrollment Forms: These forms are REQUIRED for admission. Please download, fill out, sign, and upload back to the paperwork request located in Brightwheel. Fill out the forms in their entirety.
    • 7-Authorization to Dispense Medication: If your child will need medication administered under our care, the State of Texas requires we keep this form on file for authorization and log keeping.
    • 8-Doctor’s Food Allergy Plan – if you child has certain food allergies that require alternative feeding plans, we are required by the State of Texas to have a doctor’s record of the food allergy plan.
  4. We will email you and/or message you in Brightwheel if we have any questions regarding any the paperwork submitted or not submitted.

After paperwork is completed:

  1. Monitor your Brightwheel account for your registration fee to be posted to your account.
  2. Setup your billing account with a CC (Additional Fees) or Bank account for ACH (no additional fees). Setup auto billing for seamless monthly payments. We also accept check, cash or money order in the office.
  3. Pay your registration fee in a timely manner as this is what actually solidifies your spot on our rosters.
  4. Monitor your Brightwheel for any messages, alerts or special events from us.
  5. Email us at admin@beltonyouth.com or call us at 254-939-5759 with any questions!