Parade Participation Registration and Waiver

Thanks for your interest in you and/or your child(ren) participating in the Belton 4th of July Parade. We hope that this entry tradition carries on for years and we can become a new and fun version of the long-standing “Long Family” wagon train. Here are some details of our parade entry:

Date: July 4th, 2024

Who can attend: BCYC kids and their families (the more parents and family the better!)

Arrival Time: Meet at UMHB staging area no later than 8:00am (see map #1 below). Staging spot 134. Enter from Loop 121 onto MLK Drive behind UMHB. Make a left on University Drive behind the stadium. Make a right on Crusader Way and look for spot 132. You can ask for help from any parade worker in a reflective vest, but just let them know you are with BCYC and you are staging spot 132.

If participating in the parade, park in the spaces located in and around “Independence Village” apartments on the campus of UMHB.
If you are just dropping your children off, you can exit back out to Loop 121 via MLK Drive.

Parade Start Time: 9:00am

Parade End Time: If you’re picking your children up at the end of the parade route, meet at the large field at the intersection of Birdwell and 6th Avenue roughly at 10:15am (see map #2 below). BCYC bus and trailer will wait for 15 minutes for parents to pickup before heading back to the staging area. If you’re picking your children up at the staging spot, we will load everyone on the bus and bicycles on the trailer at roughly 10:30am, and make our way back to the UMHB staging area around 10:45am. Please pick up your child by 11:00am.

What to bring: Bicycles, Sunscreen, Sunglasses and Hats. If you bring water bottles, make sure to bring a backpack to hold them while you ride. Decorate your bicycles in streamers, ribbons, flags and anything red/white/blue.

What to wear: your most American red, white and blue threads! Any BCYC shirts are a plus!

Staging and Parking at UMHB

UMHB Staging Area and Parking

End of Parade Route Pickup

End of Parade Meeting Spot